Time estimates to place my order.
Some customers place their orders as much as 6 months in advance, but most customers place their orders at around 8-6 weeks. If you’ve just found us and your party/event is 2-3 weeks away call us.
How will I be billed?
After you submit your order you will receive an email from us to establish a ship date and final count date. We will then send an invoice for a 50% deposit – if paid in full we will not be able to make any final adjustment. The balance of orders (with a 50% deposit), will be billed the week prior to shipping.
Ship nationwide?
We ship everywhere in the US and Canada.
When will my order be shipped?
Most orders will be shipped the week of your event to arrive 4-3 days before your date unless otherwise requested. DIY orders will be shipped approx. 2 weeks before your event to allow for assembly.
Chocolate concerns?
No worries, we ship all orders in a double insulated box. In the summer we place ice gel packs inside. Upon arrival you remove the gel packs and store the favors at normal room temperature – do not refrigerate.
Do your truffles contain peanuts?
There are no peanuts used in the facility that produces our truffles. They cannot however, guarantee that there are not traces of peanuts/peanut oil used in the production of their raw materials i.e.- raw cocoa, butter, etc. from their suppliers. We have never received a report of a negative reaction to our truffles. However, we suggest that you use your own judgment.
Can I ship to our event venue?
We will ship your order to any address – a residence, company office, or your venue.
What charities can I choose?
Option 1 – You may choose any non-profit (.org) medical, humanitarian, military or animal welfare charity. The charity must have a viable website through which we can donate.
Option 2 – You may choose any charity since you are making the donation.
When do you make the donation to my charity?
We make the donation for Option 1 favors within 30 days of your event date. We will forward you a receipt verification that the donation has been made when we receive an email confirmation from the charity.

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